Gulf Coast Beachcombing

img_1240The Mississippi Gulf Coast, although not glamorous or glitzy, does have its charms. I always enjoy a day or weekend poking along the waterfront here – walking along the beaches or trying our luck a rickety fishing pier.  We did not live here before or during the Katrina days so I can only imagine how things “used to be.”  From the solitary still-standing front stoops of homes and empty paved driveways leading to grassy fields with blooming daffodils once strategically planted along somebody’s front garden, I can only get a small feeling for what these former neighborhoods used to look like.  Sort of.

img_1245-1Recently while exploring a few of these coastal towns, I found myself gathering bits of what appear to be old tiles – probably from bathroom floors and painted walls of former shops or houses.  Each piece telling its own story – I had a hard time putting them down. Collectively, they stitch a battered town back together. I envision a mosaic tiled project, or even a fabric piece with many vintage scraps restitched together to replicate the town’s fragmented past. I think I’ll get back there soon again to collect a few more bits and memories.

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